Bertil Hjertqvist and Rune Yman founded Alvedoor in 1975. Initially the company focused on contract manufacturing for various industries.

Three years later, Alvedoor moved into its present business - designing, producing and selling doors for vessels. Nowadays the company has an annual output of almost 15,000 doors, which are supplied to waiting vessels the world over.

Alvedoor´s ambition is to become one of the market leaders in its field. We aim to achieve this through continuous product development and certification to ensure the highest conceivable quality.



  • B-15 C, Hardcore Doors
  • B-15 M, Softcore Doors
  • B-15 K, Softcore Doors
  • B-30 M, Softcore Doors
  • A-Class Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • External Doors
  • Sills & Frames
  • Hatches, Window Boxes
  • Accessories